Belvedere vodka uses Polish rye and purified water, creating a unique premium flavour. Polish rye is a special heritage grain, which is one of the fine grains that has remained unchanged since ancient times. The Belvedere drink recipe uses grain sourced from only eight local suppliers so that it is all 100% traceable. Rye imparts a distinctive flavour that is different from corn or wheat, and gives Belvedere its recognisable taste, in contrast to many other vodkas that prize neutrality above all.

Belvedere create their premium vodka by approaching distillation as both a fine art and a science. They quadruple distil the drink using fire, and this process draws out the flavours of the Polish rye to create the premium flavour and velvety texture of the drink. This vodka is still made in Poland with 600 years of tradition — the distillery has been operating since 1910 and is one of the oldest in the world, so you can be sure this beverage is made with true expertise.

Whether you’re looking for a vodka to drink on the rocks, or one to mix into cocktails, it’s important to have a high-quality premium formula to really maximise the taste of your drink. A Belvedere martini is a refreshing option for a dinner party or just an after-dinner drink, and it will showcase this spirit excellently.

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