Bollinger champagne has been a firm favourite full of flavour since 1829, and the brand’s beverages are defined by their complexity and elegance. These outstanding wines are the result of immense attention to detail throughout every stage of the production process. This means that the company makes truly unique champagnes full of depth and character, perfect for pairing with a luxurious meal or serving to guests at an event.

The Bollinger vineyard covers 179 hectares, and after harvesting and pressing, the wines are allowed to mature for twice as long as the appellation requirement. This ensures that the flavour develops its full character, and that the champagne is aged to its full potential by the time it goes on sale.

Nearly two centuries of expertise and technique mean that Bollinger is always concentrated on quality, and the brand always uses its ancestral processes wherever they have been demonstrated to provide the best flavour. After decades of making wines, Bollinger rose increasingly to prominence in the mid-20th century, widely popularised by Lily Bollinger.

Here at House of Malt, we stock Bollinger Special Cuvee, Bollinger 2007, Bollinger NV, and Bollinger B13, so you can choose which champagne suits you better. If you are looking to browse champagnes, either for yourself or as a gift, where better to look than our champagne section? As well as Bollinger, we also stock Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, and Pol Roger. Shop now and take advantage of our free UK-wide delivery on orders over £90.

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