Chivas Regal

If you are a fan of premium whisky, then you need look no further than Chivas Regal. Founded in 1909 in Aberdeen, this distillery takes only the finest ingredients for use in its beverages, resulting in a whisky with both a beautiful texture and flavour. Chivas Regal whisky is created using a higher malt content that many other brands use, which results in a more complex and deeper taste that is unique in the industry. Though now the formula is sweeter, the brand has still retained its signature flavour.

Chivas Regal whisky is a premium formula with a robust flavour and is a fantastic whisky to enjoy on the rocks to really make the most of it. The flavour of the signature malt comes through as a fruity, apple tone, while the fairly high grain content of the whisky adds a honeyed sweetness. This whisky is perfect for those who enjoy a layered flavour that brings all the elements of the whisky making process together, with herbs, honey and fruit all leaping onto the tongue when you drink it.

The brand offers a range of whiskies aged for different lengths of time, such as Chivas Regal 12, 13, 18 and 25 years old, so that you can choose your whisky right down to the amount of time it has been aged for. If you enjoy quality whisky, you might also be interested in our full Scotch whisky collection, which also includes both blended and single malt whisky from brands such as Macallan, Glen Elgin, and Tomintoul.

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