Ouzo 12

Ouzo 12 is a distinctive anise-flavoured liqueur made from grape must, which is the remnants of wine-making. It is only possible for this spirit to be made in Greece or Cyprus, so it’s a unique taste of this part of the world, as well as being a refreshing spirit. Most commonly drunk alongside appetiser dishes, Ouzo is often drunk on its own or gently diluted — pairing this liqueur with some great food is the perfect way to enjoy it.

The Greek drink ouzo was first commercially distilled in 1856, and is made in a similar way to tsipouro, which is the Greek equivalent of Italian grappa. Ouzo no. 12 was actually first distilled in 1880, making it the first bottled ouzo in history, with generations of experience and technique. The story of the brand goes that the brothers who started it distilled a number of Ouzo recipes, and the one in Barrel Number 12 was the best, hence the name.

uzo has a similar type  of based to tsipouro, a brandy made from must, but Ouzo is traditionally distilled in copper pots and then flavoured with anise. The resulting spirit is clear and silky, with a strong liquorice flavour that makes this beverage unforgettable.

If you are wondering how to drink Ouzo 12, it is usually served in a tall glass and drunk neat, without ice. If you want to dilute it the traditional way, you can add some ice water, which will turn the spirit from clear to a milky colour. Though mostly drunk neat, Ouzo 12 can also be used in different types of cocktails, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

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