Renegade Rum

Renegade rum distillery is based in Grenada, a quiet corner of the Caribbean, which provides a rich array of soils and altitudes to grow terroir-derived cane, the main ingredient in this beverage. By growing their own sugar cane, the Renegade distillery can really shape the flavour of their unique white rum, which is primarily made from the molasses derived from the cane crop. Renegade forms every stage in the process of their rum production, resulting in their signature product.

White rum is a classic cocktail ingredient, included in many recipes, such as the Daiquiri, the Mojito, and the Mai Tai. And the first thing you’ll need when making one of these cocktails, is a good quality white rum to be the centre of the drink. The signature taste of Renegade rum is perfect for elevating your cocktail making and giving you that summery feeling in your drinks.

Renegade creates their white rum using techniques drawn from both Scottish and Irish distilleries to bring together expertise from all over the world. While the science of distilling is now over a thousand years old, Renegade includes the latest technology in their process in order to take it further. This includes propagating their own propriety yeast and generating their own electricity.

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