Dutch Whisky

Though not historically known as a great producer of whisky, a number of new distilleries across the Netherlands have seen the popularity of Dutch drams grow in recent years. 

Dutch whisky, also known as Nederlandse whisky, is made in much the same way as Scotch. It uses local water and barley, but distillers may also experiment with a wider selection of grains – such as rye, spelt and corn. A combination of casks and finishing techniques means styles can vary, but Dutch expressions are said to be fruit-forward, with notes of citrus and spice. 

Alongside a variety of micro-distillers, the two main distilleries in the Netherlands are US Heit and Zuidam. US Heit is a beer brewer from Bolsward and they bottled their first whisky as recently as 2007 under the name of Frysk Hynder. Zuidam, on the other hand, has been operating since 1975, making spirits such as genever and gin, but now also Millstone whisky (which actually uses windmills to process the barley!).  

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Showing all 2 results