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GinFusion Bespoke Gin Botanicals Classic Tin


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These lovely little gift tins from GinFusion contain five pouches of each blend: Spiced, Citrus, Tropical or Rose. Attractive enough to sit on the side and compact enough to fit in a drawer. What a cracking gift idea for your gin loving friends, and you can purchase refills of your favourite flavours to keep your tin stocked up.

Ginfusion Citrus Flavour

Fresh, fruity headlines given an extra kick with the addition of pink peppercorn, followed by lemongrass for a zingy backdrop and hint of mint.


Ginfusion Spiced Flavour

Earthy, nutty flavour with a mild pepper undertone and spicy ginger and cinnamon notes, balanced by the tart apple taste of quince.


Ginfusion Rose Flavour

A herby, peppery baseline overlaid with distinctive, pleasant floral overtones that don’t dominate the palate, held together by the sweetness of cardamon. 


Ginfusion Tropical Flavour

The star here is the ruby-red colouring that comes from the hibiscus, with rich berry flavours deepened by allspice, white peppercorn to contrast the sharpness of juniper.



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