Siwucha 50cl

Polish Vodka (50CL / 40% ABV)


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An 'incompletely rectified' polish Vodka. Siwucha translates literally as 'Hooch' or 'Rot-gut' (enticed yet?). An alternate translation is 'Old Grey Lady', referring to the slightly opaque Grey Colour of the Vodka. Developed to faithfully replicate the vodkas of old through the addition of a portion of unrectified barley spirit, this is perhaps as close as it's possible to (legally) get to real, genuine Vodka from the old country. A must for any true Vodka fan. Siwucha is distilled only once & gently aromatised with sloe berries for a full, concentrated flavour profile. This would be the perfect pairing with fermented dill pickles & slices of dark rye bread.