The Lakes Distillery Mixed Mini Gin and Gin Liqueurs Gift Pack

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A trio of Lakes Gin and Lakes Gin Liqueurs gives you a trial test set of some of the bestselling gins from The Lakes Distillery, distilled by the award-winning distillery in the heart of the Lake District. This mini gin gift box contains three 5cl miniatures; The Lakes Gin, The Lakes Elderflower Gin Liqueur and The Lakes Rhubarb & Rosehip Gin Liqueur, presented in a unique gift set illustrating famous landmarks surrounding the distillery in the Lake District. This gin gift box would be suitable for any gin lover – either a fan of the Lake District or friends or family who loves to try something new. Create a Lakes Gin Elderflower Martini or try the Rhubarb & Rosehip Liqueur as a simple serve with ginger ale and a slice of apple. Measures 18.9cm X 6.4cm x 13.5cm



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