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Gin David

The result of so much passion is simply a Gin of incomparable value, the sublime flavour of which boasts a transparency and lightness without equal. This perfect balance allows Gin David to stand out from all other products, showing itself to be highly digestible as well as one of the few to be enjoyed both when drunk neat or with the sole addition of ice.

Distilled from limpid Tuscan springs, which reach the distillery spontaneously and without the need for pumps or industrial machinery, Gin David is embellished with the preciousness of wine alcohol, the generosity of Iris root and the richness of botanicals containing secret aromatic herbs which ensure an absolutely extraordinary end result.

Botanicals and wine alcohol are distilled separately and then come together in a single filtering station. Here, in addition to classic diatomaceous earth and vegetable carbons, fragments are added of the white Carrara marble which Michelangelo sculpted to make the eternal myth of David, which gives Gin David purity and extraordinary brightness.