Here we have a modern, innovative and environmentally conscious distillery from the Scottish Highlands. Founded in 2017, Nc’nean (nook-knee-an) is named after Nicneven, a witch from Gaelic folklore that’s connected with the natural world.

Nc’nean places sustainability at the centre of its operations, using organic farming methods and renewable energy throughout the production process. They also utilise traditional pot stills and different cask types to develop a sweet and fruity style.

As a relatively new distillery, the brand’s first whisky was released as recently as 2020, when 1,320 bottles of Nc’nean Ainnir Single Malt entered the market. Prior to this, their main offerings included the Botanical Spirit and Aged Botanical Spirit. 

Today, the range includes their Organic Single Malt, their Huntress series, and their Quiet Rebels series.

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Showing all 3 results