Browse the extensive selection of high-quality rum here at House of Malt to help find your new favourite nightcap. Whether you sip it neat or whip up happy hour classics like mojitos or piña coladas, we have a delicious variety of spiced rum, white rum, and dark rum that’s waiting for you to choose from.

With some of the best rums aged as far back as 50 years, you can be sure that our selected spirits always meet a high standard. Here you’ll find limited-edition products from the most popular rum brands, as well as their much-loved classics. This ranges from in-demand spiced varieties like Kraken, Dead Man’s Fingers, and Captain Morgan’s, to rich, dark rums from brands like Bumbu or Diplomatico.

We also have a selection of rum liqueurs available to add a rich, caramel flavour to your drinks at a lower percentage. And, while not a sipping spirit, we also stock brands of white overproof rum such as J. Wray and Nephew, which is perfect to use in bar-quality cocktails due to its higher alcohol percentage (63% ABV).

Rum is made with sugarcane by-products like molasses and sugarcane juice, which are carefully fermented and distilled to make the spirit we know and love. White rum (also called silver or light rum) is aged in stainless steel barrels and often filtered right before bottling so as not to affect its colour. On the other hand, dark rum is aged in charred oak barrels to enhance its deep amber hue.

Shop our wide variety of rums today to expand your palette and discover new depths of flavour to this much-loved spirit. We also offer free UK delivery on orders over £90, so be sure to shop our rum online today.

Showing 1–16 of 275 results

Showing 1–16 of 275 results