Ardbeg makes whisky that is revered the world over for its flavour. In the last ten years, the company has won six awards for its whiskies, including World Whisky of the Year, World’s Best Single Malt, and Scotch Whisky of the Year. Founded in 1815, this distillery has been creating beautiful beverages for many years, and by 1887 had reached an output of 1.1 million litres of whisky per year. Decades on, the brand has a reputation for being one of the best examples of Scotch whisky in the world, producing a whisky that really is special.

The Ardbeg distillery uses its own pure water source, which ensures that the distillation process can be as clean as possible too. The brand prides itself on making the smokiest malt available and creating this signature flavour requires a dedicated process. The smoky malt is added to water from Loch Uigeadail, which is a beautifully fresh water source, and then heated to a specific temperature of 63.5°C to begin the process of whisky production.

The vast majority of the whisky is matured in ex-bourbon oak, and because the distillery sits close to the sea on the Kildalton Coat of Islay, the beverage receives a salty, iodine flavour as it ages. This contributes to the overall flavour of Ardbeg whisky. With one sip, you’ll be transported to the rugged Scottish coast.

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