English Whisky

Here at House of Malt, we have a wide selection of English whisky from some of the finest distilleries in the country. We have some of England’s most-loved brands on offer, including The English Whisky Company, Cotswolds, and The Lakes Distillery. Buy our English whisky range online and get free delivery on orders over £90.

While many associate British whisky primarily with Scotland, English whisky has experienced a boom in recent years. There are currently more than thirty whisky distilleries in England, and you can find the best of them here at House of Malt.

A lot of English whisky distilleries take inspiration from their Scottish neighbours when developing their casks, while sill adding their own unique twist to the drink. However, each brand tends to have its own distinct flavour, so no matter what your taste, you’re sure to find a bottle of English whisky that you love.

One of the most loved brands we have on offer is The English Whisky Company, who are England’s oldest whisky maker. They offer a variety of English single malt whiskies, as well as smoked and single grain bottles too.

If you’re a fan of English whisky, you’ll no doubt want to explore our wide range of British whisky, including Scotch and Welsh whisky. And make sure to explore our selection of world whisky too, with bottles from some of the finest distilleries in America, Australia, Japan, and more.

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Showing 1–16 of 48 results