Explore our range of premium tequila here at House of Malt. We stock some of the most in-demand tequila brands such Cazcabel, Patron, and Clase Azul. This fiery Mexican spirit can be enjoyed in classic cocktails like a tequila sunrise or sipped neat alongside salt and wedges of lime. Either way, it’s sure to bring the fiesta to you.

A specific type of mezcal, tequila is distilled from blue weber agave, a spiky succulent plant that’s native to Central Mexico. To distinguish between its different aromas and flavours, there are five classifications of tequila: blanco, reposado, joven, añejo, and extra añejo. Two of the most popular varieties are reposado tequila (which has been aged for up to a year) and blanco tequila (which is often called silver or ‘plata’ and is typically unaged).

However, añejo tequila is also growing in popularity thanks to luxury brands like Don Julio and Avión: this is barrel-aged for up to three years and has a deeper, whisky-like flavour with notes of vanilla. There is even extra añejo, a decadent variety that’s aged for over three years in oak barrels and is often described as the best tequila available.

If you’re looking for something to fire up your next cocktail, there’s plenty of tequila to choose from here at House of Malt. We offer free UK delivery on orders over £90, so  why not add a bottle of vodka, rum, or single-malt whisky to your order to take advantage of this great deal?

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Showing 1–16 of 83 results