Opened as recently as 1995, Arran is a relatively new distillery located on the island of the same name, just off the west coast of Scotland. The Isle of Arran distillers is one of the few remaining independent Scotch producers, and though young in age, has quickly grown into a popular brand among whisky enthusiasts.

Arran is known for its malty and cereal character, with subtle notes of citrus and orchard fruits. Though an Island whisky, it’s actually more Highland in style – although their Machie Moor range does provide peated expressions. 

Their core range includes a number of aged and no-aged expressions, as well as some cask experimentation. The 10 year old bottling is the distillery’s flagship offering and was their first aged released back in 2006 (although it was subject to a new recipe in 2019). It’s been matured in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks and has oodles of honey. 

If you’re looking to try something different, their cask finish series uses the likes of Sauternes casks and Amarone casks to provide unique and interesting flavour profiles. 

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