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There are a few distinctive types of sherry that are determined by the aging process and the grapes used. For instance, Pedro Ximénez (also known as PX) is a white grape variety grown most notably in Montilla-Moriles, Spain. You may have also noticed these letters on a bottle of your favourite dram, as PX sherry is used to make certain varieties of Scotch whisky.

However, the most common grape used for sherry production is the Palomino: after these are crushed to make a white wine base, extra alcohol is added to fortify it. This is then matured with yeast in wooden casks, which is when the different sherry varieties are formed.

Manzanilla and fino sherry are lighter, younger varieties similar to white table wine, whereas the darker, heavier sherries such as Amontillado and oloroso have been oxidised as they age for longer in the barrel. Oloroso is the type used to make cream sherry such as the much-loved Harveys Bristol Cream.

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