Canadian Whisky

Explore the range of fine Canadian whisky here at House of Malt. Often characterised by their lighter flavour compared to Scotch and bourbon, Canadian whiskies are known for having sweeter notes of toffee, cinnamon, and fruit due to Canada’s unique use of rye and other grains for the majority of its blends.

While countries such as Scotland and America have focussed on malted barley for their whisky production, Canadian whiskies are historically made from rye, along with other grains. It’s said that this is due to the Canadian climate making it difficult to grow cereal crops, but rye thrived in the harsh winters, making it the preferred option for many distilleries across the country.

To this day, Canadian whisky is allowed to be labelled as rye whisky, or in some cases just rye, even though the majority of modern variations are crafted from mostly corn. The country also produces a fantastic selection of its own unique malts.

Due to their lighter profile Canadian rye whisky is perfect for mixing into cocktails, or for those who prefer a milder flavour. With famous brands like Pike Creek, Lot 40, and Signal Hill, as well as whisky liqueurs like Fireball, we have something for everyone in this collection.

We’re proud to offer one of the largest selections of whisky in the UK, with plenty of rare and exclusive bottles available too. Shop the range of Canadian whisky here at House of Malt and get free delivery when you spend over £90.

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