The House of Malt tasting evenings are a luxury event of nosing, tasting and evaluating different malts from the variety of styles and tastes across Scotland, and the specialities and differences of whiskies from each region.

This is a rare opportunity to try some single malts from either the 6 regions of Scotland, learn about the history of whisky, and the wonderful intricacies of nosing and tasting whisky.

How does a tasting evening work?

Well, fellow whisky lover – the good news is that our tasting events are organised almost monthly! Once you have reserved your tickets for the evening we will ship out the included tasting samples so that they arrive in good time for the tasting.

The evening itself is usually hosted by a distillery ambassador with a member of the House of Malt team as co-host. It is an opportunity to learn more about different styles of whisky you might like but not have the chance to otherwise try and also and what to look out for when tasting a good whisky (plus plenty of laughs along the way!).