Australian Whisky

Expand your collection with something from the range of Australian whisky here at House of Malt. Though not usually known for its whisky, Australia produces some fine spirits, including a selection of single malts. As a result, Australian whisky distilleries are now becoming increasingly renowned for their distinctive take on a classic spirit that captures the attention of whisky lovers from across the world.

Many Australian single malt whisky varieties are distilled in a similar fashion to scotch whiskies, and thus have a similar flavour. However, as Australia has fewer regulations and traditions, and a landscape and climate unlike any other, this has allowed the country to come into its own and craft its own unique style of malt.

Australian whisky has recently been brought to public attention after Sullivan’s Cove won the World Whiskies Awards in 2014 — marking the first time neither a scotch nor Japanese whisky has won the title. The country is now enjoying a whisky renaissance which many are calling the boutique whisky period, with large numbers of independent distilleries taking the market.

Along with Sullivan’s Cove, we stock other fine varieties from other popular Australian whisky distilleries, including Starward. Based in Melbourne, whiskies from this area encompass the unique character of the city, to create something truly special and distinctly Australian.

We’re experts in the finest whiskies and spirits, and we are always on the search to find exceptional products with genuine quality and heritage. Our team searches the globe to discover new and exciting whiskies from around the world, and we’re proud to provide some rare and exclusive releases too.

We offer free UK delivery when you spend over £90, so shop our collection of Australian whisky online today.

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