Discover our broad selection of sake here at House of Malt. As well as classic Japanese sake, we also stock flavoured varieties such as zesty, refreshing yuzu sake and the sweeter, more rounded plum sake from premium brands like Ile Four and Soko.

Also known as Japanese rice wine, sake — sometimes spelled ‘saké’ — has been made in East Asia for centuries and has a rich history behind it. Despite this name, however, sake’s brewing process is actually more similar to beer than wine, as it ferments sugars that come from starch. The rice is polished to remove the outer layers of bran from the grains before they are fermented, and the amount of polishing determines how refined the bottle of sake is.

Stronger than wine, but not as strong as spirits, sake is generally between 15-17% ABV and should therefore be sipped neat but not taken like a shot. Traditionally, it was served warm in small, ceremonial cups called ochoko. However, serving temperature depends on the variety you drink and so sake can also be drunk cold as a great accompaniment to your appetisers. It can even be used in cocktails such as a lychee & sake martini or a Little Venice, which adds a twist to the Sweet Manhattan.

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If you want to experiment with this versatile spirit, we offer free UK delivery on orders over £90, so browse our selection of brands and find Japanese sake online today.

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