Campbeltown Whisky

Discover beautiful Campbeltown whisky distilled in the burgh of Campbeltown, Scotland, available here at House of Malt. These whiskies are renowned across the world for their unique flavour and character, which is often put down to the town’s coastal location. For any true whisky connoisseur, a bottle distilled in Campbeltown is a must-have for the collection.


Once thought to be the whisky capital of the world, this former powerhouse of Scottish whisky production originally had over 30 distilleries in the 1850s before it was slowly whittled down to the three that are still operational today: Springbank, Glen Scotia and Glengyle.


Despite its small number, these Campbeltown whisky distilleries are producing some exceptional scotch whiskies. The company has an ethos of melding together traditional hand production methods with a forward-thinking approach to make sure the tradition of whisky production is kept alive in the region.


Choose from the many beautiful whiskies from this famous region of Scotland, including Kilkerran from the Glengyle distillery, as well as Longrow from the Spingbank distillery.


Each distillery produces its own unique flavour, with Springbank malts being described as having a smoky flavour that’s slightly salty. Glen Scotia whiskies are known for being a little lighter with grassy undertones, while Gelngyle malts have a sweeter taste with similar salty notes to the Spingbank vintages.


Find delicious single malts from some of Scotland’s most renowned distilleries, and be sure to take a look at our selection produced in other regions, including our Highland, Lowland, Island, Islay, and Speyside whiskies.


Explore the range of Campbeltown whiskies at House of Malt today and get free UK delivery when you spend over £90.

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Showing all 14 results