Port: Vintage Port Wine

The perfect accompaniment to a hand-picked cheeseboard, port wine makes for a delicious after-dinner tipple. Browse our range of vintage port wine today, and discover releases from some of the oldest, most established wine houses, such as Taylor’s and Quinta de la Rosa.

A rich, full-bodied drink, port is made by combining a distilled grape spirit — such as brandy — with a red wine base. This produces a fortified wine with an ABV of 20%, as the high-alcohol content of the brandy or other added spirit fortifies stops any further fermentation. In a similar way that champagne must hail from a specific region of France, only grapes that have been grown and processed in the Douro Valley of Portugal can make port wine and be called as such in Europe.

Founded in 1692, Taylor’s remains one of the oldest and most successful port wine houses. Established brands such as this one have mastered production of the different types of port, including reserve, late bottled vintage, or an aged tawny (the latter of which makes for a rich, mellow digestif).

With some of the best port brands available here at House of Malt, we’ll help you find the perfect bottle to toast with at your next dinner party. We also offer free UK delivery for orders over £90, so be sure to browse our selection of vintage port wine and stock up your drinks cabinet today.

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Showing 1–16 of 20 results