Browse the wide selection of mezcal here at House of Malt. Whether you’re looking for a classic mezcal reposado or want to start out with a flavoured variety, here you can browse a host of popular mezcal brands, including Dos Hombres, QuiQuiRiQui, and Ilegal.

If you’re unsure of the distinction between mezcal vs tequila, the saying to remember is ‘all tequilas are mezcals, but not all mezcals are tequila’. Tequila is made exclusively with blue agave, whereas mezcal can be made with any variety of this spiky, succulent plant. In a similar way to Champagne and sparkling wine in France, these spirits are also made in different places: in the Jalisco region of Mexico, you’ll find the town of Tequila where most production continues to take place.

A spirit that’s currently growing in popularity, there are now bars dedicated solely to mezcal. Expect a taste that’s similar to tequila yet slightly bitter and smoky, due to the agave being roasted before fermenting. Many people are also fascinated by the mezcal worm (the gusano) and this has been found in some bottles since the 1950s. The larvae of a moth that lives on the agave, the meaning of this ‘worm’ has long been debated: some think it improves the flavour, some like the challenge of eating it, and for others it confirms the high alcohol percentage of the mezcal.

If you’re the adventurous sort who likes to sample these more unusual spirits, you might be intrigued by our range of absinthe, Japanese sake, and vermouth.

Shop some of the best mezcal brands here at House of Malt. We also offer free UK delivery on orders over £90, so don’t miss out on trying this unique, authentic spirit today.

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Showing 1–16 of 27 results