Benedictine Liqueur

Benedictine liqueur is a herbal liqueur produced in the South of France, which incudes a secret recipe of 27 herbs and spices, incorporated into a neutral spirit to really show off the flavours of this expertly crafted mix. The recipe originally comes from an unlikely place: a 16th century monk.

The recognisable flavour of this Benedictine drink is created by combining the mix of botanicals with a neutral spirit and distilling up to twice in copper stills. After this, the resulting mixture is aged for eight months, and then honey is added for sweetness and saffron for colour. Following this, the blend is aged for a further four months in oak barrels. This multi-stage, time-honoured process is what produces the Benedictine Dom liqueur’s flavour.

The spirit’s long history and unique flavour means that it very much still has a place in a modern drinks cabinet, and has become a way to add a delicate and luxurious sweetness to many cocktails worldwide. Despite the secrecy surrounding the Benedictine Dom liqueur, it is mostly agreed that it contains botanicals such as lemon balm, juniper, hyssop and saffron, creating a refreshing taste that is the basis of many Benedictine liqueur cocktails crafted to showcase the spirit.

When tasted, Benedictine liqueur is sweeter that most herbal spirits, and not dominated by only one botanical flavour. The uniqueness of its composition means that it cannot be easily substituted, so if you want to experiment with making Benedictine liqueur cocktails, you need the real thing.

The best way to drink Dom Benedictine liqueur is that similar to that of a fine whisky. This spirit can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a cocktail, such as the Honeymoon or the Frisco Sour. For those interested in trying different spirits, House of Malt stocks a full spirits and liqueurs collection, containing gin, whisky liqueur, vodka, and brandy. Shop now and get free UK delivery on orders over £90.

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