Eau de Vie

Loosely translated as ‘water of life’, eau de vie is a category of drink that covers any type of fruit brandy that isn’t made from grapes. It’s primarily produced in France, Germany and nearby European countries, and is known for its clear appearance and light flavours.

Eau de vie is made by fermenting and distilling different fruits, the most common of which are apples (eau de vie de pomme), pears (eau de vie de poire), raspberries (framboise), cherries (kirsch) and plums (mirabelle). Fruits that don’t contain a stone are macerated, rather than fermented, before being distilled. 

One unique aspect of this spirit is the lack of ageing process that traditional brandy or whisky experiences. Eau de vie is usually bottled immediately after distillation, resulting in a colourless drink with a subtle fruity taste. 

It’s typically enjoyed as a neat sipper, but is also popular in cocktails or for baking.

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