Flavoured Gin

With the resurgence of gin, we’ve seen the rise of flavoured varieties. While gin is naturally flavoured by botanicals, the emergence of fruit, floral and herbal infusions have opened the market up to new and exciting expressions.

Flavoured gins come in a wide variety of styles. Early releases tended to centre around citrus and berries, such as lemon, grapefruit and raspberries, but this category of drink is prime for experimentation. Everything from cinnamon and cardamon to mint and rose petals have been used to create specific profiles. As a result, they are particularly popular in cocktails.

It’s important to note the difference between flavoured gin and flavoured gin liqueurs. Flavoured gins will usually be above 37.5% ABV and are still juniper-forward, whereas liqueurs will be lower in alcohol content and may also use artificial sweeteners.  

From Bombay Bramble to Beefeater Pink Gin, some of the biggest names in gin have moved into flavoured expressions – and we stock the best this category has to offer. Take a look at our range and add something unique to your collection. 

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Showing 1–16 of 28 results