White Rum

Also known as silver or light rum, white rum is unaged and known for its clean and neutral profile.

It’s made by fermenting sugarcane or molasses, before being distilled into a spirit. The result is usually aged for a short period of time in oak barrels, but may sometimes be bottled immediately after distilling. It’s this brief maturation process that gives white rum its unique character, and why it differs from dark rum.

Compared to other rums, white rum is clear in colour and crisp in flavour. Its subtle notes of vanilla, dried fruit and citrus, complemented by a smooth finish, make it perfect for cocktails such as a Cuba Libre, Mojito or Pina Colada. 

Bacardi is the biggest brand of rum globally, but we also stock a wide range of other fantastic offerings from all over the world – including Wray & Nephew, Flor de Cana, and Takamaka

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Showing all 15 results