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A moments release from Port Ellen – a 40 year old ‘9 Rogue Casks’.

Port Ellen 40 Year Old 9 Rogue Casks Whisky
Port Ellen 40 Year Old 9 Rogue Casks

What do we know about this iconic distillery? Port Ellen hugs the coastline on the revered isle of Islay off the west coast of Scotland, this distillery has achieved legendary status amongst connoisseurs in the know with whiskies that are among the most sought after, with the magic and mystique growing with age since the distillery’s closure in 1983. Plans are now in place and work has started on rebuilding a brand new distillery to re-open in 2021.

The stocks from Port Ellen before closure in 1983 are limited in quantity and highly revered by the whisky experts as they improve with age. Special releases of these stocks offer a unique opportunity to own a part of Port Ellen’s history. There are only 1380 bottles available of the 9 Rogue Casks release which makes it both the oldest and the most limited public release from the distillery.

Here at House of Malt towers, we do love a good Port Ellen, and being the oldest ever release from this iconic distillery we are very excited to try this one, aged whisky being ‘better’ is something that is not always the case – however Port Ellen ages incredibly well, and we think that this will be the best Port Ellen yet. Not a cheap bottle by any stretch, but enthusiasts and collectors will be fighting for this one.

House of Malt are taking pre-orders on this special release now, link below:

Tasting notes from Port Ellen are:

Nose: Delicate, grassy/herbal, burnt tangerine skin, very mild smoke at cask strength, opens up a little with the addition of water, crème caramel/roasted coffee, red fruit compote, ripe peach skin.

Palate: Much more pronounced bonfire smoke, pipe tobacco, leather, wood spice.

Finish: Long, wispy smoke finish.

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