American Gin

While more associated with European countries, especially England, the rise in craft distilling across the pond has seen American gin grow in popularity over recent years. 

American gin is made in much the same way as other gins, but the focus tends to be less on juniper-forward styles. Though juniper will still be at the base, the likes of citrus peel, angelica root and coriander are typically more favoured by the US’s palate. Distillers may also use regional botanicals, such as Douglas Fir from the Pacific Northwest. 

As there are no regulations defining American gin, this gives greater scope for experimentation. One area this is seen is in maturation, with barrel ageing being used. This is heavily influenced by the production of bourbon and helps impart additional layers of vanilla, oak and spice to the spirit. 

From Aviation to St George, we stock some of the most popular American gins available. Explore our range and see the best of what the United States has to offer.

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Showing all 2 results