Founded in 1966 in the small village of Tomnavoulin, Tamnavulin is a relatively modern distillery by scotch standards – but one that has experienced several ownerships and periods of inactivity. Though originally designed as a contributor to blends, it has been producing single malt expressions of its own since the 1990s and now has a substantial range of core bottlings and limited releases. 

Tamnavulin has a classic Speyside profile and is known for its smooth and soft character. Using water from the nearby River Lent, high-quality barley and ex-bourbon barrels, they’re able to produce approachable whisky with delicious notes of honey, fruit and malt. 

Their core range includes a selection of NAS offerings. The flagship bottle is the Double Cask, which was the distillery’s first release for over 20 years and has been finished in sherry butts to give it added richness. They have also launched a series of Red Wine Cask Editions, which sees Tamnavulin experiment with the likes of Spanish Grenache and German Pinot Noir.

An excellent-priced brand that’s well worth exploring.

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